Dear Shaun
We just wanted to say how nice it was to come home and see what a lovely job you and your painters had made of the house.  We appreciate the care you took with this job.
Sandy and Kevin
Dear Shaun
The Tauranga Seventh-day Adventist business meeting met this month and we would just love to take this opportunity to thank you for being willing and committed to doing the renovations in January of this year and to see it completed within the time restraints. It is usually the time when people take their holidays and close up shop, so we are grateful that you were willing to work at this time. We really do appreciate the great work Shaun, the sharp price you gave us, and for the great attitude and helpfulness in this renovation process. Thanks and God’s blessings for 2016.
Pr Andrew West


I bet you’re glad this job is over but I want to thank you for sticking through it despite the pain.  It looks simply stunning and I would be pleased to recommend your business to friends and family.  Our next job is the aluminium joinery, then the carpet and lino.  We hope to finish in 5 – 6 weeks.  Call out sometime when everything is done and you can admire a great paint job.  Thanks once again to your attention to details.  You have an excellent work ethic and we are well impressed.
Joanne Hurlock


Shaun is very experienced and knowledgeable ,his help was invaluable with the work that needed doing.His team were polite ,trustworthy and professional.We recommend Smith Painters and would be happy to use them again
Thanks Susan And Owen